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         What the press says


          Jaguar Press wrote:

       After stumbling across a privately-published book from 1954, Christoph Meier-Siem was intrigued

       and started researching the story behind the story. This historical gem revealed a family that transcended

       the cliché of the typical Americans.The values so impressively described and lived in the book

      - humanity,  a deep and enduring family attachment and a lively interest in other cultures - are evidence            

        of a bond between Europe and the United States that seemed long lost.



       The first review came out recently - from Switzerland and online.( )

       Have a look for yourself , if you can cope with German language.



       And now the first printed review shows up. Again in German you can read it in the Jag Mag

       from the Jaguar Association Germany (JAG) It´s an entire page .

       Here is an excerpt: 

       "Finally Meier-Siem started to republish the book "Travels with a Jaguar" , added the results of  

       his  research and printed just 500 copies. Interesting reading and a wonderful christmas present."



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