Travels with a Jaguar
Travels with aJaguar
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                What´s so special about "Travels with a Jaguar " ?


        First of all:  "Travels with a Jaguar" is the first book ever with with Jaguar as a topic.


    - "Travels with a Jaguar" was a limited edition of 500, privately printed in Washington DC in 1954. 

       I believe this is the first book to be published anywhere with a Jaguar theme. -

       ("The complete guide to JAGUAR COLLECTIBLES" by Ian Cooling, Bay View Books Ltd. 1998) 


        Secondly: The amount of  stunning historical facts, that unfold once you delve into the story ;

        starting even before 1954 and leading us right into the year 2015.




         And this is the title of the EXTRA ....for a start  (note that big Bristol airfreighter that

       flew on a regular basis from England to France in the fifties with your cars.....) :



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