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Travels with aJaguar
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   More background


    You will find much more about the story - plus news - in this space ....


      The Beatles and "Travels with a Jaguar"....



     The Beatles in Genova/Italy in June 1965 at the press conference in the hotel Columbia Excelsior . 

      The Ball family stayed in the hotel in summer 1954. Today this impressive building is a library. I found

     the picture on an old flyer of the hotel.





   Ian Cooling whom I met recently in his local pub in Wye is probably one of the most knowledgeable

   specialists for Jaguar paraphernalia in Europe. In his book "The Complete guide to Jaguar Collectables"

   he states that  "Travels with a Jaguar " is the first book with Jaguar as a topic.The first book about the

   technical side was only published in 1956.




While beeing in England to present the book I saw as well the Jaguar Heritage people and the Motor Museum in Gaydon.

Faye McLeod and her boss received me very well and after a cup of coffee sh


 The weather was ....  well.... english.


But the best was the accomodation, 12 miles away from Gaydon : Ettington Park Hotel .   Sensational....



   Another picture of George Ball with JFK at the cabinet table. 

 George Ball (driver of the MK VII in 1954) with President Lyndon B.Johnson


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