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All the fans of "Travels with a Jaguar"

      This book can only (!) be obtained through this homepage ( see "Order book" )   

                                         - Es gibt das Buch auch in deutscher Sprache  !! -                          


          First book ever with Jaguar as a theme !


                   TRAVELS WITH A JAGUAR 

                                                    - Reisen mit dem Jaguar -

                                                                1954 / 2015

                                                         by Amos Ball / Christoph Meier-Siem

                                 Just  500 numbered copies each in English language and German language 



               An American family of five tours Europe for six weeks with a Jaguar.

               A story with no drama at all.....




   ....the trip would not have taken place in 1954, right after WW II with a Jaguar MK VII...

   ....the driver would not have saved the world of a nuclear war...

   ....members of that family would not have been involved in the Chicago 7 incident...

   ....there would not have been an exciting story of a remarkable family hidden behind the trip with 

    connections to the highest political levels in the US and in Europe... even involving John F. Kennedy

    and Lyndon B. Johnson...

   ....the actor Tom Hanks would not have been part of this family...

   ....the travellers would not have chosen the best hotels in the nicest places of Europe

    ( most of which still exist today)


     And all of that with a Jaguar, that did the 3500 miles with hardly any problems...


   .... nobody had any idea about all this in the summer of 1954.


                     BUT  I  WANTED  TO  KNOW  !    


   And that was the reason for writing this book; produced with the methods of the 1950`s - just like

   the original report about this trip . The starting point for many developments since, that still have

   so much influence on our world today.

   From the small travelogue, of which 500 copies had been privately printed in 1954, just about 20 

   do survive.

   "Travels with a Jaguar" (2015) is printed in 500 numbered copies as well - 500 each in English 

   language and in German language.

   The book is artfully designed in black and white and printed on reproduced old paper ,

   clothbound with an embossed golden title. Glued-in original pictures and original caricatures 

   make this piece of art very special. The late Sir Christopher Lee made a little remark 

   about the story. A comprehensive list of the hotels of the tour ( " Where to stay ? " ) includes

   addresses and telephone numbers and is part of this unusual little book.

   As an extra there is a colourful supplement ( " What to drive ? " ) with all the important 

   Jaguar saloon cars from the MK VII (1954) to the XJ (2015).

   "Travels with a Jaguar" is on limited sale now .



      A  Jaguar MK VII in 1954 - just like the car of the Ball family...(including the roof rack)


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